Eating Disorders.

I consider this to be the most important and ground-breaking work that I do. Hypnosis for the treatment of eating disorders can be extremely powerful and effective. It is my main interest and therapeutic specialism.

Within this category of problems I would include binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. I focus mainly on treating bulimia and binge eating disorder. Due to the potential for medical complications beyond the scope of my practice and expertise, I do not accept anorexic clients unless referred to me by a medical professional.

I view these issues in a way that most clients find refreshingly straightforward. I consider them as behaviour patterns that have come about as a result of certain experiences, beliefs and perceptions about oneself.  My task is to help you to identify, resolve and release the specific emotional components driving the behaviours. We don’t need to completely explore your whole childhood, blame your family or make you depression or anxiety proof.  We just need to deal with the real problem.

Many of my clients have been in and out of residential centres for years. Symptoms improve while they are in there because of the close support and supervision, but tend to return when they come out because the emotional drivers behind the condition are still in place.  In no way am I criticising the valuable and sincere effort made in such places to help eating disorder sufferers. The fact that you are reading this page means that you are probably one of the people that this kind of thing hasn’t worked for, so it makes sense to explore something different.

Using specific hypnosis and cutting-edge therapy techniques it’s possible to make progress quickly. The emotional keys to the condition are invariably hidden in the subconscious mind, which is why any amount of analyzing and rationalizing is unlikely to resolve the issue.  In skilled hands, hypnosis provides the key to unlock the roots of the problem leading to rapid improvement and the real potential for complete resolution of the eating disorder.

One thing I always say to clients with an eating disorder  is that they were not born with the disorder. This means that they already know that it’s possible for them to function happily without it.  Specialist hypnosis for eating disorders is a way to correct  the beliefs emotions and perceptions so that the sufferer can return to a normal relationship with food and their body.

There are a number of treatment options including the Eating Disorder Intensive which involves around a day and a half of intensive treatment. It’s possible to make huge progress very quickly working in this way, often equivalent to several months of therapy. This is not appropriate for everyone though and is most effective for adult clients who are completely fed up with the eating disorder and ready and willing to make that change. It has been life changing for many of my clients. 

My aim and expectation is for  the eating disorder to be resolved or at least much improved on completion of the treatment.  I like to discuss the case with potential clients before agreeing  to go ahead with treatment so that we can both get a feel for whether this approach is right for you. I will only work with you if I feel we have an excellent chance of success. Does that mean I guarantee results?  Of course I can’t. There are many variables and I have to ethically point out that results vary. I do feel though, that this may be a good option and that it offers you a real chance of freedom from disordered eating. Please call me to arrange an initial discussion to find out more about how I can help.

Individual results may, of course, vary from person to person.