The Truth about Gastric Hypno Band.

Gastric band hypnotherapy has become very popular in recent years with a lot of media attention and success stories. Does it live up to all that hype? Well, there is good news and bad news.

First the bad news. Many people have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering single session gastric hypno-band quick fixes and CDs. It is possible to experience some success this way but, in my opinion unlikely for results to last.  Recent research has shown that a large proportion of people who have the actual physical surgery relapse into their old eating habits and regain the weight within a few years. Why is this? Unless the underlying psychological drivers for overeating are resolved the urge to overeat will still be there, even though the band makes it difficult to do so. I have heard of people liquidising Mars bars with ice-cream in order to get the calories they crave into their small stomach pouches. The same applies to a hypnotic band.

Time for the good news. I have personally carried out hundreds of gastric band hypnosis sessions and have the experience to really understand how to do it and who it is likely to work best for.  My emphasis is always on thorough preparation, making sure that any emotional eating drivers are addressed, cravings reduced and self esteem is boosted before the gastric hypno-band is fitted. How could that be done properly by a CD or a single session therapy? I always recommend a minimum of four sessions. It sometimes requires more, but isn’t it better to do the job properly rather than rush it?  I often say that it’s a bit like decorating. Good results depend on the quality of preparation.

It’s also important for the client to play their part. As part of the preparation you may be asked to keep a food diary and do it honestly. It is a requirement to practise eating slowly and to pay attention to the sensation of fullness as it develops. You need to eat three meals a day.

Here’s the really good news though. Providing all of the above factors are addressed properly the results are stupendously good.

I’d just like to clear up one more point whilst on this subject. Many people ask me, ‘ Will I believe that I’ve actually been in hospital and had an operation?’

Of course you won’t!  Consciously you will know and remember that you have been to the hypnotist. In fact you will be aware throughout the whole process.  However, your powerful subconscious mind will perceive that a band has been fitted and that’s  the part of your mind that monitors and controls feelings of fullness and hunger. That’s why it works.

So that’s the truth about gastric band hypnosis based on my experience. I would be happy to discuss it with you personally if you would like more information. Feel free to give me a call.


Individual results may, of course, vary from person to person.