Food is a truly wonderful thing. It’s so central in our lives. Sharing food, enjoying food, the rich variety  of tastes and textures.  It’s a fantastic gift but for many it has become a huge source of  problems. Regardless of whether you need to lose weight, make healthier choices, overcome food phobias or compulsions or are struggling with eating disorders, this site is dedicated to giving you the assistance you need to get back in control.

An unhealthy relationship with food has a huge impact on your quality of life. Just being around food can be extremely challenging.  You may feel unable to control yourself and make the decisions you want to make. Add to that the fact that food is everywhere nowadays and many  people are left feeling powerless, guilty and conflicted several times every day. Not nice feelings.

To make matters worse, people who don’t have such problems often judge sufferers as weak, lazy, greedy or even ignorant and this just adds to the misery.

At the Food Hypnotist we are dedicated to helping you take back control. Using the powerful techniques of  hypnosis, our aim is to empower you so that you regain your quality of life, release yourself from the conflict, guilt and fear so that you can get on with your life.

Individual results may, of course, vary from person to person.