Some kind comments from clients, shared with their permission:

*’Patrick, I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me. Just a few short weeks ago I was in eating disorder hell, trapped in a constant cycle of binging and purging, utterly convinced I would never get better. Bulimia completely consumed my life up until the work you did with me, wrecking my relationships with friends and family and making me miserable. 
When people ask what you did with me I don’t really know what to tell them, just that it was amazing.  In the past when trying to give up my bulimia, every day without purging was an immense struggle that took an incredible amount of willpower. Now though, things are the complete opposite. I wake up, eat what I feel like and move on to whatever’s next on the agenda. I no longer think about food or have guilty thoughts about eating, nor do I fantasise about consuming vast quantities of food only to purge it later. I will always be grateful to you.  Anyone struggling with an eating disorder I strongly advise you to see Patrick. I know how hopeless things may seem, you may have even accepted that you will just have to live with this terrible thing, but I promise you, you don’t!’

*’2 weeks today

Amazing. It has flown by.  And would never go back to what I was like 2 weeks ago, I am enjoying myself too much, feeling much more confident and I am finally free. THANK YOU!!  Went out for my friends birthday the other night, had 2 courses like everybody else and wore a dress and heels… have not done that since about 2010. Had photos taken the lot, which I hated before.

the same client 1 year later wrote

*I saw you a year ago today. A year on and things are great eating wise, eating what I want and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise etc. I completed my college course back in June and travelled for Australia for 3 weeks for my birthday back in October, and survived Christmas etc. I have recently received a conditional employment offer as a pharmacy assistant, so fingers crossed all of the checks go well.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back, without the session I would not have been able to achieve what I have in the past year.’

*”After going my entire life despising vegetables with a particular ‘crunching’ sound (such as more raw Onions and the like) and being entirely unable to eat anything with these sounds it was a shock, when after the first session with Patrick, I was able to bite into a raw red onion. I had no idea it would be so spicy but I was not afraid to try it and ever since I’ve been able to explore all vegetables without fear. Going abroad and not being afraid to try and eat anything on the menu has been a truly releasing experience. I am no longer caged by my subconscious’s traumatic child-hood experience which forced it to thinking these were bad foods for me. I can’t thank Patrick enough and strongly encourage anyone with a focused food phobia to try to release their mental blocks and enjoy eating again.”
*’Things are really good! I haven’t binged once, also I can actually eat my dinner normally, I sit down and eat it slowly and have a glass of water with it so I take my time, when before I was stuffing my face and then wanting to binge on something else. I have fancied some things like going to restaurants or fancied a take away but haven’t got them, and I also know now that even if I did, it’s not a bad thing if I only do it once in a while. I do feel slimmer already, and a lot happier. When I look in the mirror I rarely get those “you’re fat” thoughts, and even if I do, I ignore them or do something else.’
 If I’m offered chocolate or anything else now (at work or home) I can easily say no, and forget about it, or say yes, eat it and then forget about it and not worry.

Thank-you so much, I can’t even begin to tell you how much you’ve changed my life! I keep noticing how I do things differntly, for example I would eat dinner (slower) and then do something else, then I realise that I haven’t gone straight back into the kitchen or out to the shop, so that’s another good thing that I notice.’

*Hi Patrick,

I would like to leave a testimonial to put up on your website.
Thank you so much for today, I finally feel able to be happy and food no longer consumes my every waking moment. I had no idea I was hanging onto so much negativity  and how much events from my past that i thought I’d  dealt with and moved on from were hanging around preventing me from being me. I left today  with my head spinning  but a feeling of emptiness, no longer weighed down by the weight of my issue with food.
Anyone reading this with a weight related problem, you need to go into this wanting to change, with an open  mind that you can change,  be ready to move away from the mindset you’re currently in, embrace the feelings hypnotherapy  brings to the surface and be willing to let go. The feeling of relief afterwards is a amazing.
Patrick has given me my life back and I can’t  wait to start living it! What he has done for me is priceless, I’d  have happily given him my entire wage packet.
Thank you doesn’t  even begin to cover how much gratitude  have  for Patrick getting me to achieve my ultimate goal of no longer having an eating disorder.

one month later the same client writes


I’m doing really well.  Had a great holiday without the restrictions I’d  usually put on myself food wise. I’m much happier in myself and food is no longer a constant concern or fear for me. Thank you again so much for your help. ‘

*’ Hi Patrick,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help this summer. I am proud to say that since our sessions in August I have not made myself throw up once. This is the longest I have gone since I was 15.

I wanted to get in touch last night after it suddenly hit me how different my day had been compared to what I was previously like. I went out for lunch with some colleagues, I had a main meal and shared a sticky toffee pudding for dessert. I didn’t eat again until 8pm in the evening when I was hungry, I had a small bowl of Chilli.

I know for a fact that with my old habits, I would have felt so guilty after the sticky toffee pudding that I would have ‘given up’ and gone to the staff shop for junk food to eat all afternoon. I then would have stopped off at a petrol station on the way home to buy a multipack of chocolate bars, sandwhiches, crisps etc. After raiding the fridge, freezer and cupboards when I got home (even if the food was meant for someone else/another day), I would have thrown it all up. This would have taken over hours of my evening and made me feel awful the next day, physically and emotionally.

I genuinely feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. To not have the constant fight with myself of ‘will I binge/will I resist’ on my mind 24/7 is such a relief! I no longer worry about being home alone, and I can eat a slice of cake without feeling disgusted with myself afterwards! I also have productive work from home days where I can go for a walk at lunch rather than spending an hour in the bathroom.

So once again, many thanks for your help and support. I will always be extremely grateful.’


*’ I am feeling brilliant…something has just shifted and I feel back in control of my life and my own happiness once again…I have cut down on drinking, am eating healthily and have quit smoking…’


*’My whole attitude to food has changed and I’m getting used to my new eating habits now..’


*’After seeing Patrick and going through the Thrive programme with him I’ve seen a massive improvement in my emetophobia…’


*’Patrick, thank you so much for your help with losing weight. I have in the past tried various weight loss programmes but your treatment has been by far the most successful. I honestly didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy and whether it would even work (I was sceptical) but it is truly remarkable…’


*’Patrick helped me enormously at a point of low self esteem and lack of confidence in both my work and my social life…..I can thoroughly recommend Patrick as a man who really cares about his clients..’


*’I have a more positive outlook on life, more self belief and much higher self esteem. I have recommended Patrick to several friends..’


*’My thought processes have completely changed and I can’t believe what a massive effect this has had on my life…’


*’Dear Patrick,

Have been spending a few days thinking about how to write down how we have  changed my life and I have changed so much I hardly recognise myself. When I look back ( only a few months ago ) I was unsure… unhappy and unfulfilled. Now I feel happy with myself.. content and could cope with anything that comes my way with a confident and positive attitude. I have such a different way of managing my thinking process .’

*Disclaimer-Individual results may, of course, vary from person to person.