The Thrive Programme is an amazing training course that leaves you feeling tremendously empowered. It was developed by psychologist and hypnotherapist Rob Kelly, after 20 years of working with clients and  observing how the beliefs and habitual thought patterns they had, were contributing to and creating their problems. I am pleased to say that I have personally been trained and endorsed by Rob to deliver this life-changing training as a Licensed Thrive Consultant.

The Thrive programme has helped many people to overcome phobias, anxiety, low self-esteem, addictions/compulsions and to address eating/weight issues.  Although the focus is on thinking and beliefs it is entirely diffferent to other approaches such as NLP and CBT.

The difference is in the INSIGHT that the client gains through going through the Thrive sessions. Instead of teaching you techniques to cope with your symptoms or problem behaviour, Thrive concentrates on giving you a deep and thorough understanding of why you have the problem and how you are maintaining it. Because of this insight and understanding, you feel very empowered and motivated to make the effort to change your habitual unhelpful thinking patterns and limiting belief systems.

Who would I recommend the Thrive Programme to?

Thrive is my treatment of choice for emetophobia (fear of being sick), in fact there is a specially designed Thrive treatment and training program just for this condition, which is research proven to achieve outstanding results. It is also extremely effective way to resolve IBS, eating issues and  weight problems, particularly in cases where hypnosis is not appropriate.

It is also a great way to  give people a huge boost after a course of hypnosis so that they feel really good about themselves and their life.

What’s involved?

Going through the Thrive programme requires a course of 6-8  weekly sessions. Each session covers new ideas and concepts and trainees are expected to carry out some homework (reading and short exercises in the Thrive Workbook) between sessions. There is no hypnosis involved in the sessions. Trainees are encouraged to ask questions and engage actively in the process. Most tell me that they are amazed at how much they learn in such a short time, not just about themselves but about how people ‘tick’ in general.

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Individual results may, of course, vary from person to person.